Rick Berk

City scenes and landscapes

Photography has been my passion since I developed my first print in my college darkroom. Since that time, my career has taken many turns, including a sports photographer capturing professional athletes for use on trading cards, a portrait photographer, wedding photographer, and a technical specialist and trainer for a major camera manufacturer.

Ultimately my passion has been capturing the world around me, exploring the world to use my unique vision to capturing landscapes and cityscapes wherever I go. I live on the coast of Maine, an area that captured my imagination over 20 years ago, but I am constantly gripped by wanderlust, and can’t stay off the road for very long before I’m off to explore again.

I work predominantly in vibrant colors, with crisp lines and immersive detail, as that is how I view the world. I aim not to create a literal reproduction of the scene, but rather to capture the emotion of the moment with my camera and lens.

I chase the light, going out to photograph at times when the light will be the most interesting, when the weather provides the most interesting circumstances, and I hunt the most interesting point of view. My goal is to capture the scene in a way my viewers have never seen it.