Gary Williams

Contemporary design

Gary has held a love for art since an early age, countless hours as a child spent drawing and painting informed his youth and fed his passion to create. He was born into a working class family with a ship building father, a stay at home mother and an older brother. Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England was where he grew up and still lives there to this day.

His first big influence / inspiration were the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky whose colorful abstract work seemed to speak to his inner soul in language that also said that art could be anything that you wanted it to be as long as it had meaning to the artist himself.

Gary would continue to express himself throughout his life although this also came out in music and he spent most of his twenties in various bands and groups living a bohemian rock ā€™nā€™ roll lifestyle.

As the music came to a stand still he picked up the art bug again and also spent time as a graphic designer.

Today he is inspired by simple Geometric design, especially the styles of Mid Century Modern, Suprematism, Scandi Nordic and Modern art. Rather than focus on one set style he tends to jump from one self initiated project to another and generally creates a series of work in that style before moving on to the next new thing.