Flower Photography

Leah McLean grew up steeped in the arts and craft culture of the Pacific Northwest and has been creating with different artistic mediums since she can remember. After spending time living in 4 different countries she began her own photography business which reflected her great love for nature, art, and shaping light and shadows. Her artwork is focused on the amazing details that can be found in a simple flower and how light can be meticulously crafted to uncover shape, form, and detail. Her photographic creations are often called painterly in style and harken back to the traditional still life paintings of the Baroque and Dutch realist art periods.

Leah also creates digital collages and illustrations using her floral photographs as key elements and inspiration.

"I love classic art, especially the works of the Dutch Golden Age and the Pre-Raphaelite movement. I am always thrilled when I hear the remark that my photographs look like paintings. I can't think of a bigger compliment! I am also inspired by nature and flowers and I love digging in the dirt in order to grow my own floral muses.”