Nicholas Holman

Contemporary design

Although artistic blood runs through his veins, Nicholas, a third-generation artist born in 1993 in St. Louis, Missouri, did not discover his love of artistic inspiration and creation until 2015. Since then, he can be found wandering the urban and rural landscape, paintbrush in hand.

Nicholas appreciates the characteristics of a variety of artistic mediums and, therefore, does not restrict himself to one. Typically, he expresses himself through gouache, pastels, charcoal, oils, and digital although he has also been known to dapple in photography and to use his own body as a canvas.

“My body of work spans a continuum from the simplicity of raw plein air paintings to abstract modern art which invites the viewer to transcend. Like the weather, the situations which inspire me rush to and fro, and I feel drawn to scurry and chase along in their wake wherever they may lead. As I settle on a subject of interest, I emphasize the effects of lighting as a storyteller and educator, illuminating the truth of the subject as I see it. For my abstract designs, I hope to invite viewers on an expedition with color, encouraging one’s eyes to bounce through the hues of a piece and embrace the emotional narrative”.